Photo Gallery and Service Descriptions

Undercarriage Service (Recommended Annually)

Service Description: Clean, check and repack all wheel bearings, Replacement of seals, Check for end play, Lubricate backing plate pivot, Check magnets and armatures, Check break-away function, Check Tire Condition and Wear, Check Tire Age, Adjust Tire Pressure, Rotate Tires (Including Spare if Desired), Adjust the Brakes, Inspect the shackles and springs for wear

Roof Replacement and Repairs

Accident Repair Caused by a Tree

Service Description:  Even when Stationary objects are problems - the solution remains Roger's Camping Trailers.

Examples of Water Leak Damage

Service Description:  Damage caused by water penetration in improperly maintained corner, body or roof seams. Repair involves removal of all rotten wood, restuding of structure, installing new interior wall panels, adding insulation and reassembly of exterior skin (aluminum or fiberglass) and caulking of seams.

Upgrade Standard Equalized Suspension with EZ FLEX Kit

Service Description: Picture shows the EZ FLEX installation with the RUBBER EQUALIZER installed between the two axle leaf springs. Notice the HEAVY DUTY (width) SHACKLES (Silver) and the GREASEABLE ZERT fittings on the shackle bolts. Hidden from view are the BRONZE BUSHINGS surrounding those bolts. Every trailer being towed with leaf spring suspension should have this installation.

Roof Service (Recommended Annually)

Service Description: All RV roofs require maintenance. Roof vents, stack vents and skylights all need to be re-caulked to prevent leakage. If your caulk is hard to the touch and or pealing away from the roof it is time to remove and replace - NOT cover over. RV's with rubber roofs need, AT A MINIMUM, to be treated annually. 

Graphics Replacement

Service Description: We can replace worn, faded or missing graphics on many brands. 

Repurposing an RV for Law Enforcement

Service Description:  Take a 25' Mini-Motorhome and change it into a classroom for our Heroes 

Why We Recommend Wheel Bearing Packs Annually

Service Description: This crack would never have been seen without first removing the wheel. It would have been catastrophic - especially for the horses. Other pictures show broken brake shoes, worn-out brake shoes, and blown-out grease seals. None of which would have been noticed without the undercarriage being serviced.

Ramp/Gate Fabrication

Service Description: Some 1" square steel tubing, some heavy duty steel mesh, a lot of welding, a couple of hinges and voila - a sturdy ramp and rear gate on a utility trailer 

Awning Replacement

Service Description: Is your awning old, worn, sun-rotted or torn. We can replace it and even make it much more attractive with only new fabric. Call us today! 

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